Roger Limbrick

polypops cardboard toys

Originally commissioned in 1966 as a two year design / research project for the
Reed Paper Group to explore new ideas and uses for corrugated cardboard.
Roger Limbrick designed a series of children's large action toys, Stephen Bartlett furniture, and
Clifford Richard created the packaging graphics.

design: Roger Limbrick 1968
produced by: Polypops Products Ltd

Roger was particularly interested in developing designs which produced movement and active play
in children. In all five designs were manufactured and sold worldwide.
Lunartrack created great excitement for children crawling along the ground inside
the giant "caterpillar" track. The Lunar theme can now be seen as a direct response
to the intense interest at the time in all things relating to space travel and the moon landings.
The design was made from one pre-punched and creased cardboard shape - 18 pieces
for self assembly by folding and interlocking. No glue!
"space rocket" and "space station"
design: Roger Limbrick 1968
produced by: Polypops Products Ltd

The "space rocket" design was the easiest to assemble. The whole inside surface was printed with buttons and dials
to simulate a rocket cockpit, and the outside surface was finished in a metallic laminate.
The "space station" is an early example of mass production of a geodesic dome structure. It was designed for
strength so that if a child climbed over the dome it would become more compressed and rigid.

"lunartrack" "polyroly" "tube"
design: Roger Limbrick 1968
produced by: Polypops Products Ltd

Examples of the toys in action.
The "tube" (far right) is a prototype of a design not produced

"king castle"
design: Roger Limbrick 1968
produced by: Polypops Products Ltd

The castle was the first design of the series. Many of the practical qualities and considerations involved in producing strong cardboard structures were explored in this design - including the use of folded and slotted tabs to create strong junctions. The roof of the castle was removable, and the walls were strong enough to allow children to climb out and
leap off the ramparts.

Polypops Managing Director Eddie Pond, left, with Roger
The lunartrack poster / instuction leaflet, designed by Clifford Richard

Eddie Pond, managing director of Polypops, set up Paperchase shop in Tottenham Court Road to retail these designs as part of a wide range of paper and card products.
Polypops was a subsidiary of Polycell, part of the Reed Paper Group.



See article published in Design Journal 1969 - issue 243:

Other cardboard toy designs

design: Roger Limbrick 1968
produced by: Roger Limbrick Associates