Roger Limbrick


BBC1 Making Toys - ten programmes - original broadcast Oct - Dec 1975
producer: Ron Bloomfield - presenter: Audrey Stephenson - consultant: Roger Limbrick
designers: Roger Limbrick, Ken Garland, Roma Lear, Susan Harvey, Maureen Roffey,
David Chisnall, Michael Wason

"Toys are fun - objects of pleasure - and making a toy can be as much fun for the person who makes it as for the youngster who plays with it" - (introduction to the book and BBC tv series)
This BBC tv series, encouraging parents to make their own toys, was hugely popular and was repeated many times.
It was accompanied by a 96 page book which included instructions, drawings and plans on how to make all the
toys presented, as well as guidance on play and toys for children up to the age of five.
Roger was commissioned to act as overall toy design consultant as well as designing a series of wooden
toys for three to five year olds: the "modular one builder" and the "roadway special"